Zermatt: A Quick Peek
Dubbed as the world’s first pollution-free town by some environmental advocates, Zermatt is also considered as one of the best skiing destinations in the world. Situated in the Valais canton in the western part of Switzerland, this village ski resort lies at the base of the famously photogenic mountain, the Matternhorn peak. The resort is also linked to Cervinia into the Italian border. Offering endless possibilities and exploration on and off piste, with a variety of restaurants and diverse apres ski alternatives from quiet dine outs to party night life, Zermatt is indeed “the perfect holiday destination”. Skiing in Zermatt may not be that affordable, but the Swiss alpine charm of its slopes, plus the no-car fresh environment of the village will certainly be worth the cost.

Zermatt is in Switzerland and getting to the resort is an easy travel, although you might encounter some difficulties if you plan to take engine-powered cars all throughout the way. The village imposes a no-car policy to protect the unadulterated state of the environment, thus, the farthest you can go with your car would be in Tasch, where multi-storey car parks are provided for tourists driving on wheels. Parking cost is around 100 CHF (Swiss Francs) a week. From there to the village, transport staples are electro-taxis, electro-buses, and bicycles but you can also follow the local mode of travelling by the villagers, which is simply walking your way around. Other hotels employ horse drawn carriages to transport tourists.

If you are thinking of using the rail system to get there, the best option you have is catching the French TGV service going to Geneva. Get off at the airport and transfer to the Swiss service going along the Rhone Valley. Travel time from London until Geneva by train is approximately nine hours. You can also catch flights from UK to Geneva, which will take about two hours and forty minutes. Flight transfers are also available from Zurich, Basel, the Italian Milan and Sion, the closest major airport to Zermatt.

Zermatt: Ski Facts

Here are other things you need to know why you need to ski at Zermatt:

Highest lift: 3820 m (12533 ft)
Lowest Lift: 1620 m (5315 ft)
Total vertical drop: 2200 m (7250 ft)
Piste Length: 313 kilometres
Longest run: 17 kilometres
Snow Cannons: 129
Cross country: 9 kilometres
Total Lifts and Mountain Railways: 73
Snow Park: 2

The resort is naturally geared for intermediate and professional skiers but also offers nursery slopes for learners and areas for snowboarders. It covers twenty one black runs, forty one red runs, and twelve blue runs. The ski lifts at Zermatt can accommodate up to 70,000 people per hour. The snow cannons in the area can also augment snow for 35 kilometres, and also given its high altitude, this is a pretty snow sure resort. The skiing site also provides a lot of excellent off piste possibilities for those who want to deviate from the marked trails and take a little challenge.

Being one of the top ski destinations, Zermatt is also flocked with 4-star and 5-star hotels, high rated chalets, and other luxurious resort lodges.That is why the place is also branded as the ski getaway of the rich and the famous. Consequently, it is to be expected that accommodations in Zermatt are costly, but the rooms and services offered are worth the price. Top accommodations according to the Telegraph UK are The Omnia, The Alpine Residence – Hotel Mirabeau, Aparthotel Zurbriggen, Hotel Alex, and Riffelalp Resort.

If you are on a tight budget though, it does not mean that you have to say goodbye to skiing at Zermatt. There are also a lot of affordable self-catering rentals and apartments for you to stay. The cheapest option may be getting an accommodation in the Tasch village, but apres ski is much more toned down in that area and you have to endure the train journey to the resort everyday.

If you are still thinking why you should ski Zermatt, you might as well check the expenses you might make in the resort.

Local Lift Prices
Highest adult pass for 1 day: CHF71
Highest adult pass for 6 days: CHF350
Highest child pass for 1 day: CHF36
Highest child pass for 6 days: CHF175

Equipment Rentals
Boots and Skis: CHF38 (£19)

Top Hotel Prices
The Omnia – Rate starts from CHF700 (£367)
The Alpine Residence – Rate starts from CHF249 (£131)
Aparthotel Zurbiggen – Rate starts from CHF350 (£184)
Hotel Alex – Rate starts from CHF270 (£142)
Riffelalp Resort – Rate starts from CHF650 (£341)

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