Pilates teacher training Sydney have a wide range of great workshops that allow teachers to continuously improve their teaching practice. Pilates exercises were developed with the basic principle of maintaining proper body posture. Doing these routines helps in providing support for cervical spine by strengthening muscles, developing correct body alignment as well as breathing awareness.

Before you start looking at pilates exercises as a solution for your neck problems you need to do a bit of self assessment. Check if neck has proper alignment, it should always be in neutral position meaning chin raised & vertical straight alignment.

Here in the following sections we will look at some of the pilates exercises that you can do to help prevent neck pains.

  1. Rotation of head: You need to sit still, keep the neck neutral, inhale & slowly rotate neck to one side. Do the same to the other side and repeat for four times.
  2. Shoulder Lifts: Sit on a chair, keep the back straight and chin at neutral position, then inhale and move shoulders towards ears and backwards. Do five similar repetitions.
  3. Chin Nods: Keep neck in neutral position, keep hands on your thighs, and lower chin up to the point it is comfortable for you and does not cause any pain. Next, tilt the neck as far back as you can and then again bring it to neutral position, do the same steps for five times.
  4. Neck Stretch: Sit in a relaxed posture on chair and imagine as if you have one heavy bag in hand and move neck towards the opposite direction. Inhale & breathe while stretching, do the repetitions on both the sides four times, two times on both sides.

Pilates exercises can help you gain overall mind and body fitness & are also very effective in relaxing common problems such as neck pains so go ahead and start doing pilates for good physical fitness.

Pilates And Avoiding Neck Pains