A picnic can be loads of fun once you explore the plethora of picnic ideas and options. Depending on who will be at your picnic (i.e. family, friends, adults, children, work colleagues) you can make a really fun day with just a little advance preparation.

There are many alternatives when it comes to a setting/location for your picnic. One of the most traditional places for a picnic to be held is in a public park or garden. Whilst a park/garden is a lovely “green” location and one that will not become outdated, why not do something a little different on your next picnic. A beach is a wonderful place for a picnic. Children can run around, build castles in the sand and of course everyone can swim if they choose to. Another idea is to picnic at the zoo or a similar tourist attraction. Many such tourist places have public lawn areas you can utilize for your gathering. Another idea is to picnic in your own back or front yard. You can provide the venue and your guests can contribute by bringing a range of picnic food.

Themed picnics can be a lot of fun and provide a reason for organizing a gathering. You could hold a birthday picnic, or you could celebrate a special occasion such as Easter or Christmas or even a do a Halloween or New Year picnic. There is no shortage of events and celebrations throughout the year to provide you with lots of great picnic ideas. You could ask everyone to bring a plate of picnic food that is in line with the theme of your picnic and theme activities and decorations around the celebration. An example of this is to hold an Easter Egg hunt for Easter or a Kris Kringle present ceremony for Christmas party ideas.

A simple picnic in itself can be a lot of fun so there is nothing to say that you need to organise additional activities. Should you wish to provide some entertainment for the group or for the children, you could bring some outdoor toys such as balls or a cricket set. Do remember that you will need to be able to carry the picnic food and all of your extras to the picnic location so don’t bring too many additional items.

Regardless of what sort of picnic you decide on, there is no shortage of great picnic ideas to get you going. With a little pre-planning, your day will be sure to be special.

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Picnic Ideas From Christmas To New Years