The birth of your first child would easily be the best and proudest day of your life, you will find a 21st birthday venues Melbourne really best on your child special day. The first year of your child’s life can be very challenging, however the bigger the challenge, the more rewarding it seems to be. Time passes by so quickly, that all of a sudden it is four months away until the big first birthday, but you only have a small budget because so much has been spent on the baby already. What to do?

My wife and I were in this predicament not long ago, so we decided that we would do as many things ourselves rather than pay someone else, and we enjoyed every moment of organising our son’s first birthday. This was all due to great planning and scheduling. Below is a simple list of things we did for the special day, and when we did it:

Guest list (5 months prior): Before anything, we created a draft list of potential guests we would like to invite. This should be the first task, because it will determine how much space you need, the amount of food required, and how many party bags to prepare.

Venue (4 months prior): Based on the draft guest list, we booked our local community hall 4 months in advance. This is considered too late, because venues tend to be booked at least 6 months in advance, and even 12 months for the more popular venues.

Invitations (3 months prior): Luckily my wife is a graphic designer, so the invitations were relatively cheap to create. She simply created an invitation on Adobe Illustrator based on the party theme (Mickey Mouse), and printed 100 copies at the local photo printing shop at about 10 cents each. We chose the mat finish option, which avoids smudging and fingerprints. We then handed these to the people on the guest list, but we also sent electronic versions via Facebook and emails.

Party bags (3 weeks prior): We created our own Mickey Mouse party bags by purchasing small black paper bags, and then adding two big ears, red bottom pants and two white buttons. We then simply filled it with some small toys, stickers, lollies and a thank you card.

Cake (1 week prior): When we were looking around for children’s birthday cakes, it was evident that they were not cheap. Some cakes cost as much as a wedding cake. So we decided to create our own cake, and here is what we did:

1. My wife created two sponge cakes, which was the stacked together using jam in between.
2. We then covered the cake with a thin layer of blue fondant. This was my job, and it was the most difficult part of making the cake. One great advise is that you only get one shot once the fondant is covered with corn flower, otherwise it will crack.
3. We then added decorations using different coloured fondant. We also purchased candles that spell out our son’s name, the word birthday, and a Mickey Mouse character candle.

This was a messy and long process, but the end result was very rewarding and it was personalised.
Confectioneries (3 days prior): We bought lollies and other sweets in bulk from Costco. My wife then decorated a table, placed all the confectionaries in jars, arranged them in an order, and added some balloons. This became the central piece of the party. This table was also used for the cake when it came out.

Food (1 night prior): Many of our friends order catering to reduce the workload. We simply cooked some simple food with the assistance of our family, such as spaghetti, chicken BBQ, chicken nuggets, etc. On the day, we also had a BBQ, with steaks, sausages, and bread rolls. Very simple and caters for all tastes.

Decorations (on the day): Balloons, balloons, & more balloons. We purchased a whole lot of balloons and hired a full tank of helium. We then used the balloons to decorate the entrance, used it as a centerpiece for each table, and at the end of the party they were given out to each kid that attended. We also purchased a number of Mickey Mouse balloons.

Activities: There were at least 30 children that attended the party, and their ages ranged from 6 months to 10 years. This made it difficult to ensure that they all have activities that will suit their age. Hence we organised the following activities:

1. Ball Pit (book 3 months prior): We hired a medium size portable ball pit for the day. This was the best activity we had, because many of the smaller kids (under 2 years) played in the ball pit, with their parents supervising.
2. Jumping Castle (book 3 months prior): This was for the bigger kids, and was very popular.
3. Games (plan 1 month ahead): We organised a number of party games for the kids, and the winners were given prizes.
4. TV & music (on the day): We set up a TV with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs continuously playing. This was popular with the toddlers.
5. Drawing Tables (on the day): We set up a number of kids tables, and placed coloured pencils and blank cartoon stencils for the children draw and colour. This was popular with the toddlers and bigger kids.

After organising our son’s first birthday, we came to realise that we did a great a job and enjoyed every moment of it. From there we decided that we would start a small business that will assist others with their children’s parties. So we now have a business where we hire portable ball pits, jumping castles, toy cars, slides, etc. Soon, we will also hire kids tables and chairs.

The success of the party is based on how well you stick to the plan. If you have a limited budget and have some time to spare, do as many things yourself. We also highly recommend that you call on the assistance of at least 4 of your family members on the day.

Remember to enjoy the process and planning. Good luck.

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Organising Your Child’s 1st Birthday