When you have bulk rubbish, you want to get rid of it. But what do you do? All you need is to communicate with the office rubbish removal Sydney guys. Most municipalities provide a special pickup of bulk rubbish including, but not limited to boxes, furniture, bedding, and appliances. There are often rules which apply. Most commonly items must be placed at the street or adjacent to a driveway that is accessible by collection equipment. And some require that refrigerators and freezers shall have doors removed or secured, and shall have all contents removed.

Others require that for example, all bulky cardboard boxes, cartons, and crates shall be completely collapsed prior to being deposited for collection. If at all possible they do encourage residents to recycle their cardboard boxes, but sometime they are too large.

Some waste disposal authorities will make a charge, and you may be referred by your local municipal waste disposal officers to a waste collection contractor who will provide the service. In this case it is usually when a specific journey is made for you, there may be a charge.

A bulk pick up where a skip is left in a communal area and is filled over a period of a few days, is another method adopted by many burroughs. This may take place place every three or six months or sometimes only annually. Items are often required to be placed on the verge, out of the way of trees, power poles or their support wires. Common sense dictates that the objects you put out are not to obstruct the road or footpath and some will ask that you do not put out excessive amounts of garden waste.

There may be two types of pick ups, one greenwaste only and one general waste pick up. So, it is essential that you contact your local council/municipality to find out more. May people enter the following keywords or similar into their favorite search engine to find the page for your municipal council’s waste disposal section and follow the instructions they find there.

– “name of your local council” bulk waste collection

Enter the specific name of your council/municipality between the speech marks and don’t add the speech marks when you type it in. If that is not successful try the word bulky, instead of bulk.

Bulk rubbish once collected is still taken to a landfill by many waste disposal authorities, but the more enlightened cities will recycle as much as possible. Also, in Europe all Waste Electrical and Electronic goods are the responsibility of the manufacturer to dispose of, and in fact they are expected to collect and recycle much of their returned materials.

Having said that though, don’t you think that we live in a strange age. Never before has there been the need for so many ‘extra’ rubbish collections, for bulk or bulky waste and now also for different types of recyclable things. I remember growing up with just one of those small round tin bins.

The rubbish men would run from house to house, and would courteously collect from inside your back yard. That was replaced by a suddenly much bigger plastic version of that which is comically called a “wheely bin” and we had to put it on the verge for collection. They would throw two, maybe three, maybe even four bins worth of rubbish into the bin they carried on their back before manually dumping it into the back of the truck. Did you also notice that nine times out of ten the dustcart was driven by a really fat bloke who looked like he couldn’t run!

Where was all the rubbish we have now, in those days? Can you picture a rubbish collection operative running with 2 or 3 wheely bins worth of rubbish on his shoulder! Now we have two large wheely bins for all our rubbish, an occasional trip to the tip as well as our yearly bulk rubbish collection!

However, we so believe it is worth it to avoid dumping, and so that the long-term quality of life we enjoy is preserved as it depends so much on the cleanness of the environment we live in. We, therefore all have a responsibility to act in a manner that conserves resources, minimises waste, recycles and prevents pollution while safeguarding the environment for future generations.

The Landfill site is a web site full of information about landfills and rubbish. It is well worth a visit for EVERYONE interested in waste and what to do with it, and much invaluable additional reading is available on that site. Steve Evans is also a regular contributor of dog breed related articles at The Dog Breeds [http://www.dog-breeds.me.uk] articles site.

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Bulk Waste and How to Get it Collected in Your Area