Cleaning your car leather regularly with a leather conditioner can help make them last much longer. Auto Windscreens expects to save a whopping 8.3 million litres of water and around £80k a year by ditching the traditional carwash in favour of Eco Touch’s Waterless Car Wash to keep its fleet looking pristine.

The UK windscreen repair company, which operates a fleet in excess of 400 vehicles, made the decision to use the innovative product in a bid to cut costs and make vehicle cleaning more convenient, while also being mindful of its impact on the environment.

Eco Touch, a premium car care specialist, offer products made from a unique blend of nontoxic and earth-friendly cleaning agents, whereas many rival firms use harsh chemicals said to contribute to climate change. The business’s Managing Director Rob Clague said: “As the first large-scale business to utilise our award-winning Waterless Car Wash, Auto Windscreens is leading the way in the fleet arena. Their use of this product demonstrates their commitment to the environment and it will allow their mobile technicians to clean their vans easily anywhere and at any time.”

Auto Windscreens prides itself on being an innovative company and the cost reductions to be had from switching from forecourt car washes to this water-free cleaning technology are huge, according to Fleet Manager Russell Hall. He said: “We’ve calculated that the move to Eco Touch could save us around £80,000 per annum in car washing fees, not to mention time savings we also expect to see.”

When the Waterless Car Wash is sprayed on a vehicle, its powerful surfactants lift dirt from the paintwork, while polymers leave a smooth and protected long lasting finish.

Referring to the convenience afforded by using Eco Touch, Russell concluded: “It is important that our vans are clean at all times as they represent Auto Windscreens out on the roads. Now our technicians can also be content in the knowledge that they are doing something positive to support the environment as well.”

Estimated based on 400 litres of water being used per weekly wash per vehicle.

About Auto Windscreens

Auto Windscreens is owned by Trifords Limited, part of the Markerstudy Group of Companies. It is a leading automotive glazing company, serving customers throughout the UK and across all sectors from managed fleet to insurance. With a nationwide network, Auto Windscreens is an expert in windscreen repair and windscreen replacement. The company head office and dedicated contact centre is based in Chesterfield.

Auto Windscreens gets the Eco Touch