In Best Asian Melbourne cooking, there is such a great range of nationalities that the cooking opportunities are endless. The flavors every country can bring to the table can be too much to handle but there is nothing wrong with taking the best out of all of them. For example you could start your day off with some Yu Za Kuei which translates into deep fried devils in Chinese. They are dipped in warm congee, the same way you would dip a doughnut into a cup of coffee in the West.

It’s a simple mixture of rice and water, and they sometimes add fish. For lunch, you could go Vietnamese and get some breaded sugar cane shrimp. Along with a few hard Asian drinks of course, which is another thing Asians are known for, their alcohol. It goes back as far as maotai, which is an extravagant Chinese liquor which resembles a soy taste. For dinner you’re going to want something good, with all that fried food.

You could try something like spicy sweet basil which has Thai chili in it along with your choice of meet and spices. Or you could get broccoli with oyster sauce which is another great Thai dish. Asians also make wonderful deserts, so if you’re a westerner I wouldn’t start to look down on an Asian chef’s sweet tooth. A perfect example of that would be the Malaysian orange coconut tarts which are essentially oranges, grated coconut, and sugar, fried to perfection. As a friend who lived in the US noted;

For Westerners, having a burger, a hot dog and fries for lunch, or dinner is very typical. Sometimes we’ll have our fast foods, and we’ll have our steaks, at least that’s what we are known for. Some of these Western recipes were stapled into our societies while it was growing, and others have come and been accepted into our menus quickly. However, of the most unique and delicious restaurants, Asian restaurants have always been some of the best. I’ve visited a Chinese restaurant that seemed to be run down, but, it was family owned. The food there was so good that I still go there, I’d much rather spend my money there than at the All-American diner on the same road. Then, on the other side of the industry you have Japanese Steakhouses, where people will pay the chef extra just to see there food created artistically in front of there own eyes.

The food Asians bring to the West is always cooked differently, in cultural ways that worked the best for them. It lets you taste the other side of the world, without having to travel all the way to say, Malaysia. The cultural atmosphere of these restaurants bring a lot of people in, just to witness oriental styles, furniture, language, music, and of course, to eat the food. The whole experience of Asian food always brings westerners back.

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Asian Food and Why Westerners Enjoy It