ALCHEMIQ Catering is looking to shake up the New York City catering scene with their devotion to both food and cocktails. Founder and CEO, Igor Zukowiec, believed there to be a unique opportunity in the industry when he noticed caterers in New York City were offering great food, but no mixology experience. Mr. Zukowiec responded with ALCHEMIQ: a dual experience catering company offering high end, delicious food and an incomparable mixology experience. At, we can offer you a friendly & professional service organizing your party catering Sydney.

The team at ALCHEMIQ Catering is focused on creating delectable dishes while delivering its clients the “wow” factor. The food is created in mind to be flawless and the food design is artistic, with its unique plating ideas. The cocktails are colorful and beautifully garnished; even in a city where bars adorn every street, these top-of-the-line cocktails are the some of the best in both taste and appearance. The provided chef stations and bars are unique, interactive and theatrical.

Mr. Zukowiec stated, “It is my personal belief, and the belief of the entire team at ALCHEMIQ, that event guests deserve an all inclusive experience, with attention to all details. When I entered the catering industry in New York City, I quickly saw a gap in the industry. There are numerous wonderful catering companies throughout New York City, offering delicious meals to its clients. But none offered a unique and exciting mixology experience. We believe food and drink go hand-in-hand, and are the life of any party! At ALCHEMIQ we are dedicated to offering that dual experience at the highest level each and every time.”

ALCHEMIQ Catering has received nothing but rave reviews and praise in its two year in the city’s busy catering market. The client portfolio already includes major corporations, including, Google, Microsoft, Snapchat, Patron Spirits and Cosmopolitan. In 2017, ALCHEMIQ has plans to enter the wedding industry with an impending partnership with The Knot.

Mr. Zukowiec continued to say, “In two years, ALCHEMIQ has completely dominated an already saturated market of catering companies in New York City. There is no telling where this promising and talented group will go.”

Source: Newswire

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