The Essence Of Professional Grade Car Detailing Products

written by: John Daniel

A car polisher is a great tools that provides everything you need to fix the scratches. At the moment, 731 0ut of every 1000 Australians own a motor vehicle. In 2011, 56% of the population of Australia had access to at least 2 vehicles at any time. With these statistics in mind, it is only fair to assume that we Australians have a soft spot for cars. We buy them all the time and we take great pride in owning the brands we love. However, buying that ultra-modern ride is the beginning-you will need to maintain it, which improves appearance and stretches its lifespan. One of the easiest ways to keep your machine right up there with the best involves finding and using the best car detailing products out there. Also you might need to consider buffer pads which are used to protect the edges of your vehicle during repair work. They are usually made of rubber, but can also be made of plastic or other materials.

You are going to need some waxing, sealing or even the application of a coat of paint on your vehicle at some point. When you do, you will need to secure the services of a car care professional to hook you up with the best products in the market. Many of the agencies you go to will promise to sell you the best products for your car, only for their items to fall far short of expectations, leaving you hundreds of dollars poorer and terribly disappointed.

You car is an asset, an investment and a source of great pride. If you are planning on personally detailing it at home , consider your options and choose only the supplier who stocks the best car care products. Pay attention to what you buy because there are items out there that are not only overpriced but also outrageously substandard. Look out for professional grade detailing products and go with the ones that fit that criterion.

Buying professional car detailing products comes with its advantages:

Peace Of Mind

There is a sense of peace that comes with knowing you did things right. Buying low quality products makes you ill at ease-you are never sure whether the carecareproducts you just bough will stand the test of time. You do not know whether they are safe and you are certainly not comfortable with the decision. Whether you are buying a sealant or an extra set of tyre scrubbers, you need to know that what you are getting is the right product.


Professional grade detailing accessories come with a guarantee. You are always assured that they will work, and there is always some sort of a safety net in case things do not go as planned.


While there are some genuine products out there, you do not want to take chances and buy items whose certification status and originality are in doubt. There have been cases in which people have caused irreversible damage to their vehicles simply because they bought their supplies from the wrong quarters. Professional grade products are usually vetted and verified as safe to human health and harmless to the frame of an automobile.


High quality detailing supplies may not be the cheapest around, but they are certainly worth every last dollar. They create an impressive finish and complement the texture and taste of your machine. In addition to that, the effect of such products stays with your car for quite a bit of time, reducing the need for constant expenditure on the same project. There is less peeling and flaking and this maintains the visual appeal of your car.

At Detail Central, you come across experts who have been in the detailing industry for quite a long time. We will look at your car and provide relevant advice on what products you require to keep it looking good.

Below is a look at our categories of detailing services

  1. Preparation

Here, you are looking to buy a wide range of detergents and chemicals. In this category, we stock fallout removers, degreasers and spot removers. The role of these products is to ensure your vehicle stays at its top condition. The use of the detergents and chemicals delays peeling and rusting, keeping your vehicle on the ready all the time. Different fluids work for different cars and we make sure to stock the latest and most efficient choices for your consumption.

  1. Polishing

Polishing your car gives it a flawless look and puts the finishing touches to a great result. The solutions we provide are based on the condition of the car. The products in this category are meant to keep your vehicle looking attractive and trendy all the time. Especially useful are buffing machines, that can add that extra depth to what is otherwise a standard glean from elbow grease alone. Definitely worth the investment of around $300, up to $3k for a pro rig.

  1. Products meant to prolong the life of the car

The average life expectancy of a car in some places is less than 5 years. However, these averages are based upon a flawed logic. Cars tend to break down too fast, and that all boils down to maintenance. Our sprays and waxes are meant to keep vehicles on the road for as long as possible, and we have consistently achieved that feat over time.

  1. protection

Your car will always be exposed to the harshest and most extreme weather conditions out there. Over the winter, it grows terribly cold and over the summer the heat simply rises to impossible levels. Our waxes, sealants and cleaners help you keep your vehicle safe despite the influence of the elements.

  1. Choices for the interior of the car

Your car needs to always smell and look great. Its interior is a private space that requires careful tending. There is plenty of upholstery in there, and each separate unit needs to act as an integral part of the whole. At the moment, we have a collection of brushes and solutions for your upholstery. We also have a series of glass cleaners, shampoo and sprays.

  1. Wheels and tyres

These are integral parts of your driving experience. If handled right, they exude independence and style. Getting these two scrubbed and the rims lightened up is a great idea as it upgrades your overall driving experience. We also assemble spokes and callipers.

Your car will only stay at the top of its game if detailed correctly. Maintaining it is a great way to ensure continued performance but it never really comes close to the thrill you get to experience by buying quality products from a trusted supplier and having those products fit perfectly into your plans.